Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō

View of the last stretch of road to Cafe Alpha

Manga Mirror

Right now, I'm just hosting the complete manga set of Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō.
I'm just a mirror, and was not in any way involved in the scanlation process, which in this case was done by several people. I merely repackaged and reordered the files a bit.

You can find the original content here (now defunct), and here (only those chapters missing from the first site, now also defunct).

Blogger yugen has made much higher quality scans available on his blog.

I also run a small time YKK-related club (Café Alpha) on, and you can find me on this YKK/iyashikei Discord server here.

I offer the manga in several formats, but please, spare me the headaches and download just one version to save a little bit of bandwidth.

The Downloads
Chapter Title Size Download
YKK Complete Set.tar.lzma203.28 MiBlink
YKK Complete Set.zip218.89 MiBlink

000 Introduction1.95 MiBlink
001 The Odor of Steel in the Night1.80 MiBlink
002 Misago of the Cove1.77 MiBlink
003 Rumbles of Thunder1.26 MiBlink
004 Rain and After2.06 MiBlink
005 Endless Town Counsil1.25 MiBlink
006 Sleepless New Year1.53 MiBlink
007 Morning 2-21.40 MiBlink
008 Afternoon 1-11.65 MiBlink
009 300 with a Piece1.21 MiBlink
010 Kama's Ayase1.48 MiBlink
011 Protein1.33 MiBlink
012 Nabi1.12 MiBlink
013 Kamakura Fireworks1.33 MiBlink
014 Sandy Beach522.56 KiBlink
015 Sandy Road1.39 MiBlink
016 Apron1.32 MiBlink
017 Waves1.13 MiBlink
018 Historic Musashino1.19 MiBlink
019 The Great Northern Ruins1.17 MiBlink
020 Phoenix (HOH)1.20 MiBlink
021 Water God1.53 MiBlink
022 Yokosuka Cruise1.36 MiBlink
023 Person of the Moment1.55 MiBlink
024 Everyday Children1.39 MiBlink
025 Distant Summer Vacation1.40 MiBlink
026 Blue M11.27 MiBlink
027 Asashina Pass614.69 KiBlink
028 Connections1.12 MiBlink
029 Sunshine1.12 MiBlink
030 Cafe Alpha1.25 MiBlink
031 Red Water1.95 MiBlink
032 Mount Fuji656.08 KiBlink
033 Yokohama Shopping Trip1.20 MiBlink
034 Customer1.20 MiBlink
035 Scent of the Night1.24 MiBlink
036 The Scent of the Town581.86 KiBlink
037 Early Morning1.27 MiBlink
038 Sea Current1.23 MiBlink
039 Barley Tea in the Afternoon1.59 MiBlink
040 Moonlit Nightwatch1.66 MiBlink
041 One Eye1.56 MiBlink
042 Spring Flyer1.87 MiBlink
043 Dancing Alone959.37 KiBlink
044 Eyes of the Star, Eyes of the People1.18 MiBlink
045 Everyone's Ships1.63 MiBlink
046 Record721.67 KiBlink
047 Record II973.51 KiBlink
048 Record III678.78 KiBlink
049 Hot Sand1.45 MiBlink
050 Water Clock1.29 MiBlink
051 Hole in the Mountain1.06 MiBlink
052 Nightbird1.31 MiBlink
053 Sensei's Mark1.25 MiBlink
054 Musashino Communications1.57 MiBlink
055 White in the Sky737.87 KiBlink
056 White Morning1.55 MiBlink
057 White Paint1.23 MiBlink
058 Two drops of Indigo1.37 MiBlink
059 Indigo Eye1.83 MiBlink
060 Blue Clothes2.00 MiBlink
061 Crimson Mountain1.33 MiBlink
062 Typhoon2.32 MiBlink
063 My Place1.86 MiBlink
064 Letter2.05 MiBlink
065 Shore2.08 MiBlink
066 Persimmon2.37 MiBlink
067 Port2.00 MiBlink
068 Airplane1.11 MiBlink
069 Open Fire1.80 MiBlink
070 Water2.24 MiBlink
071 Valley Road1.41 MiBlink
072 Sasage1.66 MiBlink
073 Chocolate Cake2.05 MiBlink
074 Retina1.73 MiBlink
075 Bushfire1.22 MiBlink
076 Chestnut2.47 MiBlink
077 Salt1.80 MiBlink
078 Purple Eyes1.94 MiBlink
079 Night of Earth1.67 MiBlink
080 Weatherfish1.04 MiBlink
081 One Year's Absence1.92 MiBlink
082 Kuromatsu Road1.75 MiBlink
083 Blue Sound1.37 MiBlink
084 Elevation 70m2.20 MiBlink
085 Frog2.06 MiBlink
086 Tired Ahh1.24 MiBlink
087 People of the Bay2.00 MiBlink
088 Southern Flyer Kamas1.85 MiBlink
089 Winter's Beginning1.69 MiBlink
090 Midwinter2.56 MiBlink
091 Winter's End2.31 MiBlink
092 Maruko Tea2.08 MiBlink
093 Flower of Humanity2.03 MiBlink
094 Echo1.96 MiBlink
095 Green2.02 MiBlink
096 Sleeping People1.29 MiBlink
097 Blinding Yellow1.79 MiBlink
098 Things that Fly2.13 MiBlink
099 On the Earth2.34 MiBlink
100 Two People1.36 MiBlink
101 Two Cups at Opening2.15 MiBlink
102 A7M3 Maruko Maruko1.98 MiBlink
103 Cliff Water2.62 MiBlink
104 Crossing1.74 MiBlink
105 Choukoku1.24 MiBlink
106 Road, Town and Host2.13 MiBlink
107 Regular Customer1.86 MiBlink
108 Raindrop2.18 MiBlink
109 Childhood Ebb926.19 KiBlink
110 Two Ships1.66 MiBlink
111 Plug1.23 MiBlink
112 Musashino1.26 MiBlink
113 Fish1.14 MiBlink
114 Box Garden941.97 KiBlink
115 First Sunrise1.42 MiBlink
116 Beneath the Pine Tree972.81 KiBlink
117 Elevation 1m707.47 KiBlink
118 In Town945.42 KiBlink
119 Soba Zenzai1.57 MiBlink
120 Voice2.32 MiBlink
121 50 km, 6 hours1.57 MiBlink
122 Watermelon Day1.64 MiBlink
123 At the End of Summer1.07 MiBlink
124 Heartbeat1.43 MiBlink
125 The Wind on My Face1.95 MiBlink
126 Big Sister1.19 MiBlink
127 Drops1.70 MiBlink
128 The Star the Eye Alights Upon1.68 MiBlink
129 Solo1.46 MiBlink
130 Moon Rings1.50 MiBlink
131 Air1.64 MiBlink
132 One Who Sees, Walks, and Is Delighted1.09 MiBlink
133 The Group at the Ocean1.54 MiBlink
134 Radio1.55 MiBlink
135 Cafe Alpha1.59 MiBlink
136 Kokone Takatsu1.78 MiBlink
137 Everyones Ships2.22 MiBlink
138 One Who Wakes Up1.67 MiBlink
139 A Calm Evenings Communication1.57 MiBlink
140 Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou2.14 MiBlink
999 Special 'Touge'1.58 MiBlink